Day Care Services


Day Care

Is your pet unhappy or lonely while you're at work? Give your companion the personal attention he or she deserves throughout the day. We offer the same TLC and playtime offered to our longer-term guests.

Puppy Socialization at Mesa Veterinary HospitalPuppy and Kitten Socialization

It has been well established that the most critical impressionable period for puppies and kittens is between 4-16 weeks of age. Everything that happens to them during this critical window shapes their future behavior. We invite puppies and kittens in this age group to come to "Camp Mesa" for the day. While you are at work, your puppy or kitten will have some very positive experiences in socialization. We will use yummy treats, praise and attention to reward exposure to a variety of situations in a friendly and non-threatening manner. Having your puppy here will also facilitate housebreaking as we will make sure they get many trips outside, use your command word, and reward their successes.

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