During our normal business hours, we take emergencies as needed.  Please call us on your way to the hospital to let us know you are coming so we can prepare for the arrival of your pet.  If you are seeking emergency care for an exotic pet (small mammals, birds, or reptiles), please call ahead to find out if one of our exotic's doctors is working.  If not, we will refer you to one of the clinics listed below.


After Hours Emergency - Canine and Feline

In case of an after-hours emergency for your dog or cat, please contact one of the following emergency services:






After Hours Emergencies - Exotics

Please CALL ahead before bringing your exotic pet to any emergency hospital. Most of the below hospitals technically see exotic pets, but there are specific emergency doctors who see them and they may not be there at the time of your emergency. It is best to make sure they can take adequate care of your pet before you drive over. Likely they will recommend you return to your regular veterinarian the following day for a recheck appointment or any recommended testing.